Powerful ways to attract High Quality Prospects to your Blog

Powerful ways to attract High Quality Prospects to your Blog

All of the Strategies in this training can be used on all social media not just a blog.

We will show you some ideas about online prospecting strategies to generate 15-30 high quality leads a week. At first you don’t have to have a Blog facebook, pinterest, instagram, youtube, google+, twitter ect will work great.

If you are using Facebook create a FAN Page don’t use your personal page. If you need to see some examples see links to all mine at StanElesky.Com.

Why do I strongly encourage you to have a blog?

  • It Brands you as a leader with Credibility.
  • With a Bog you tend to get much higher quality prospects.
  • Its easier to make sales from a blog.
  • Your own Blog is a HUGE Asset to your Business
  • People with Blogs make Bigger Money.
  • Did I say its easier to make sales with a blog?
  • With a Blog you can capture leads.
  • With a Blog your Prospects can connect with you easier.
  • If you don’t have a Blog yet put all your contact information (phone, e-mail) clearly on your social media sites so they can contact you.
  • You can use capture pages and email auto responders connected to your blog.
  • Know who you are targeting (Your Perfect Buyer Profile) Need Help with that CLICK HERE.. 

I wanted to mention some (FALSE) Myths about generating high quality prospects online.

  • You have to spend tons of money on training.
  • Its takes to much time?
  • Its to Expensive?
  •  You need to be a super tech genius?
  • You need to be a top earner before anyone with follow you?

 Very Important Blog Post you Must have on your Blog.

  • Personal product testimonial.
  • Personal income or income potential testimonial.
  • Personal testimonial taking them from then to now in your world.
  • Big guns (leaders) in you world personal testimonial.
  • Us vs Them comparing your competition.
  • Educational post for your niche tips, strategies, reference media.

Powerful ways to attract High Quality Prospects to your Blog

DO NOT WAIT until everything is Perfect & Remember before you can start attracting your prospects……

You Have To Be Willing To Take Action , Knowledge without Action in Nothing.

Powerful ways to attract High Quality Prospects to your Blog 

1) Facebook Wisdom App (free)

This is a very simple App that Allows you to Find out WHERE Your PERFECT Audience for your product / opportunity are hanging out in Facebook. It takes the Guess Work Out and saves a bunch of time! Join the Groups that are in your Niche and share you Value from your Blog.

This App Tells You All About Your Facebook Friends, But Will It Make You Smarter?

2) Youtube External Linking (free)

Youtube is free and a great tool to use Google loves Youtube. Before you could never link out of Youtube to your Blog now with External Linking you can create a Video and have clickable links to your Blog. Update External annotations in Channel Settings in your Youtube Channel. If you need more training search Youtube for External annotations help.

3)Google Alerts (free)

Google Alerts is a service that generates search engine results, based on criteria provided by you, and delivers the results to your e-mail account. The benefit to you is you can be the 1st to comment & get found on relevant sites to your niche a;; while linking back to your site / blog or Facebook. For more training contact me or search google for google alerts to help set you up.

 4) Viral Content Buzz (free)

Viral Content buzz is a web-based platform that utilizes a crowd-sourcing model to facilitate the generation of REAL “social buzz” on quality content. The BIG Problem! You’ve just written a great blog post or guest blog post, shared it on Facebook, Twitter and a few other popular social platforms.

5) Maximize Your Own Email List

You have to, have to, have to,…. Be Always Building Your Subscribers List. Your E-Mail list is very important to your Business.

If you want more training contact me at StanElesky.Com 

6) Interviews (free)

Interviews are a Great Way to Get Exposure within Other Peoples Networks. Its Also a Great Way to build Credibility. Ask people in your Niche if you can Interview them and put it on you Blog or Fanpage. You can use Skype recorder for free.

7) Facebook’s Promoted Post (the right way)

Share an Experience or Story, Catchy Headline, Always have Your Link above the Fold, Always have a Video or Catchy Picture, Give Value… Give Value.

On the bottom of the Post see

like, comment, Promote, share.

8) Have More Prospects Knocking on Your Door.

What if you could have a ‘Hands On’ Experience in Knowing if your Infrastructure is Properly Set Up to Convert Your Prospects & Make You the Most Sales?

We have a Service that will help you set your offer or Review what you have now and setup your Blog & Sales Funnel.

Written by StanElesky.Com

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