On-Page SEO Why the Heck is it So Important??

  • So you can get FREE Traffic (people & eyeballs to your product)
  • With good SEO you can get ranked high in a Google search for FREE where people are paying big money for it.
  • Search Engine Traffic is Super HIGH QUALITY & its FREE Advertising.
  • We need to know how to Create Captivating Content to make the most out of the traffic.

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Captivating Content Secrets.

What does your target market want to be entertained or educated on?

(Give them Exactly that)

  •  Blog or create content on Purpose.
  • Always write 300-500 words of great content.
  • Use very Engaging Pictures.
  • Share Real Life Stories & Testimonials.
  • Explain the What & the Why,,,, But Leave them Desiring the How.
  • Super strong call to Action condition your readers (Get the to do Something)
  • Think about what do You want and like give your viewers that.
What to Know about SEO to Make Google Happy

What to Know about SEO to Make Google Happy

What to Know about SEO to Make Google Happy

The SEO Formula that makes Google Happy.

  1.  Always have Keyword in the Title
  2. Have the Keyword in the Permalink
  3. Make sure the Body of the Content is 3-5% Keyword Dense (Free Tool to Help) http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword-density/ 
  4. Hyperlink the Keyword ( Good to Link to Other Relevant content on your site )
  5. Make sure H1, H2, H3 Tags are always Included
  6. Try to Italicize or BOLD your Keyword in your content.
  7. Always include a great Picture and Tag it with the Keyword Google love that.
  8. Include your Keyword in the Meta Title, Meta Description & Media Keywords fields.
  9. Make sure the Meta Keywords are copied to your Tags.
  10. Choose One Category Only

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